I had always felt life first as a story:
and if there is a story there is a story-teller.
—G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

Today’s parents have an array of comics and children’s books to choose from in various forms: ebooks, books, and web comics and stories. With this wide range comes the difficulty of finding something that is morally strong and looks good.

Children need tales of wonder and risk, without being forced into glossed over accounts where everything’s perfect or into bleak apocalyptic tales where humanity fails all the time. Truth, is in the ups and downs of a story.

The nature of the dragon lies not in flesh and bone, but within.
It’s spirit is a mix of death and greed and sin.
It moves from person to person devouring the gold in them.
Then it makes it’s nest right beneath their skin.
— Mine,  Consider the Ravens (a collection of short tales, rhymes, and proverbs)

I’ve been a storyteller all my life. I’ve grown. I’ve learned. And over the last 18 years or so, I have been crafting stories through: advertising, design, user experience, but mostly in telling tales by the bedside of my six children.

The Adventures of Tomy and Jon is my first webcomic. This western fairytale was born from bedtime stories I told my two oldest boys—starting nearly ten years ago and into the present. I began this tale as a fun way to create myths that speak of bravery, vigorousness, and the limitless wonder that God placed in this floating ship we call, earth.

Since then, I’ve been working every moment I can to hone my skills and to create stories that speak truth. While this work began for my children, I know that children of other parents will enjoy it as well.

This webcomic has adventures about people being brave, strong, and able as well as fearful, weak willed, and unskilled. I have tried to make this comic as all-age as possible. I realize that is difficult in today’s climate when some kids are watching vampires at the age of three and others haven’t seen them by the age of 14. That said, beware: I use guns and hunting, battles and death, good and evil too, but all as part of the wardrobe in this story. The Wild West is the stage and the western kids will be using gear and some attitudes that is appropriate for this timeframe. The characters will make mistakes, but some of them will learn and grow.

What do you think? Are you ready to join in a story that plays out on the last Wild Western frontier between the forces of good and evil? I hope so.

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