Happy Thanksgiving All!

Jumping in here off of hiatus for a special Thanksgiving edition. I hope it whets your interest for more. Also, I’m running a giveaway for Three Adventures of Tomy and Jon: Chapter One books and Three MrJayMyers Color Me coloring books for all of you who have followed my webcomic thus far as subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet, do so here.

You can also double your chances by subscribing over at MrJayMyers.com where I am giving away three more.

If you don’t know, am writing regularly over at MrJayMyers.com to inspire, encourage, and serve artists to be the best artists they can be by sharing from my experiences, lessons learned, or currently learning—as well as resources I believe will serve others interested in growing as artists. I want to be a resonator for you. If you don’t know what that is, check out today’s post here. I’d love to have you follow along with me there. Thank you sincerely for being resonators for me. I wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you.

Stay Tuned!