Welcome to The Adventures of Tomy and Jon. In the weeks to come you will see these two brothers and their family’s pioneering unfold in a 1800’s Wild West fairytale.

These tales show the adventures of this family’s journey and explorations before the two boys, their family, the natives, wolves, horses, giants, little people, and Bigfeet single handedly… well… that’s leaping a bit too far ahead. Stick around to see what happens.

Starting Nov 17th, 2015, you can join this family on the way to their new home in the Nebraska territory. The first week I’ll post FOUR strips—one new post each day! In the following weeks, a new strip will arrive every Wednesday at 2pm EST kind of like the milkman, but it doesn’t cost you a penny.

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Thanks! I appreciate it a ton. I really hope you and your young’ns will enjoy my story. Happy trails, to you, until we meet again…

Jay Myers