Don’t forget the bonus strip that was posted on Saturday.

Like it is with so many tales the heroes are just normal people. Normal people with moms and dads. Normal people who want normal things, but who are willing to live outside and beyond their wants and needs.

Creation Notes:
Most of these first few strips are over a year old. I wouldn’t let myself start posting until I had six months worth to post. I had that, but in deciding to make the intro four plus days long I now have five months advanced strips. With this page I decided to return to traditional inking for the strip. (This page isn’t exactly a chapter cover which is why it didn’t get colored, it’s more like a transitional image—which happens to be larger than the rest.

This pages ends the travel intro:
Paul is the dad.
Joanna is the mom.
Tomy is the hat wearing older brother.
Jon is the hatless younger brother.
And Kalah youngest of all.
Meet the Levi family.

So begin the once a week posts. Each Wednesday at 2pm a strip will post. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.